The Professional Association of Retirement Planners® is an independent senior advisory firm and as such, has access to many resources not available to “captive” financial advisors.

Insured Solutions:

  • Guaranteed income contracts
  • CD alternatives—fixed interest annuities
  • Guaranteed Safe investment vehicles—indexed annuities
  • Legacy products—annual increases guaranteed
  • Long Term Care alternatives—life insurance and annuity hybrids
  • Estate tax vehicles—irrevocable living trust
  • Income replacement—life insurance

We only choose “A” rated insurance companies with an excellent track record for consistent customer service

Securities Solutions:

Your time, financial future and family are important to us. That’s why we construct an ongoing investment strategy that ensures your portfolio will help you achieve you and your family’s dreams for the future. We’ll manage your entire portfolio focusing on asset allocation, diversification and avoiding unnecessary risks.